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Our Process

Each key stage is monitored and control points specific to each project identified so that any deviation from the specified parameters are reported and remedied prior to proceeding to the next process of production/erection.

The following key gateway stages have been identified as critical for maintaining quality:

1. Estimating

The QA process typically begins with the estimating department; each project is initially assessed within 24 hours of receipt of the tender invitation and upon acceptance of the invitation any specific requirements are noted and recorded within ‘Optimis’ along with supplier quotations during the tender period. All pricing information is logged and recorded within ‘Optimis’ (material take-offs, labour, plant, site works etc.) and we can call upon our extensive database of material rates in order to reach a competitive tender price.

2. Procurement

Materials are sourced specifically for each project as efficiently as possible in compliance with the specifications and statutory codes whilst minimizing any waste, and our extensive database of suppliers are selected on merit and regularly vetted for their continuity of supply plus commitment to quality and service.

3. Fabrication/Welding

We employ highly skilled and qualified staff across all the key stages of production and all of our Welders are certified to AS/NZS ISO2980 in the positions and procedures required for the particular project.

4. Surface Protection

Our surface protection is outsourced to credible Applicators and we require strict QA. processes to be maintained and recorded throughout the process.

5. Site

Our dedicated Site Manager will assess and agree a methodology and Site erection procedures, approvals process and task analysis with the Customers project team prior to arrival on site.

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