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As a team, our focus is on ensuring the highest quality product is provided to our Customers in the safest manner possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our Customers with smart cost-effective solutions to all steel projects from the standard to the specialised.

Noel Robbie

Director/General Manager

Noel is our heroic leader and manager who enjoys relaxing with his family and swinging the golf club on weekends. Noel has been apart of the SNC Steel family for so many years that he decided to adopt the nick name ‘SNC Robbie’. Noel is always up for a chat so feel free to get in touch with him today.

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Devon Turner

Project Manager

Our fearless project manager Devon is renowned by all in the industrial as the ‘Go to Man’. He is the guy who gets along with all on-site and will always keep project tight to the deadline. No job is ever left as good enough as he continually pushes our team to strive for perfection. Don’t be shy if you need to speak to Devon as he is always keen to talk.

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